Two Must-know Methods To Track The Owner Of A Stolen iPhone

Two Must-know Methods To Track The Owner Of A Stolen iPhone

Tracking a Stolen Apple iPhone with Two Easy Steps

Tracking a Stolen Apple iPhone with Two Easy Steps
Tracking a Stolen Apple iPhone with Two Easy Steps

If you have lost your iPhone or iPad, you’ll be worried about the consequences that your information could fall into the wrong hands as the data we have today is abused in a variety of ways. There are many ways to show you how to track the stolen iPhone or, you can even gain access to the data without actually being able to access the device. Find out more about tracking your iPhone.

Part 1: Finding a Stolen iPhone Without Locating My iPhone

Part 2 of Tracking the Stolen iPhone even when it’s Off

Part 3: Access to iPhone Data, even if it’s stolen

Part 1. How to Find My iPhone and Track a Stolen iPhone

Part 1. How to Find My iPhone and Track a Stolen iPhone
Part 1. How to Find My iPhone and Track a Stolen iPhone

The Find My iPhone app on your iPhone is an ideal device to find lost devices and track data. But, if this feature is not activated in your phone, it is unable to find the device. It is possible to take steps to protect your data , including:

You can alter your Apple ID so that no one can access your data.

Change your passwords for your most important online accounts, including Facebook.

Contact lost or stolen phones to wireless carriers in order to end calls.

– Report your stolen or lost phone to the local law enforcement authorities as well.

These are steps you can follow that will assist you in finding your lost or stolen device the first time, or, will at a minimum stop someone from accessing your information.

Part 2. How to track a stolen iPhone even you don’t have it on your computer

If you are trying to figure out how to locate iPhone after it has been turned off, be aware that it’s not feasible as without connectivity to the network it will not be able to transmit its location. But, you can enable the”Find My iPhone” mode to ensure that every time your phone is powered on, you’ll be alerted about its location.

Step 1. Step 1.Login to iCloud and launch “Find My iPhone!”

Log into your iCloud account through www.icloud.com Then, you will be taken to the dashboard of your account. Now, you’ll be directed to the dashboard of your account. Select the “Find My iPhone” icon. This will lead you to the Find My iPhone interface. It also comes with an interactive map.

Step 2. Step 2.

Select your missing device by selecting the “All Devices” dropdown menu. This list will display all Apple devices linked to this ID. If you have more than one device , choose the one you prefer. Device tracking will start in the event that it succeeds, and it will reveal its position. The phone will not display the location if it’s not turned on. However, it will show it as soon as it is in charge or is switched on. You can also enable the “Lost Mode” which will turn off the phone and display a message that will assist you if you locate it or need to take it back.

Part 3. Access the iPhone data , even if it is stolen

FreeMobileTracker is one of the most effective ways to access your iPhone data even if you don’t own a phone. It’s one of the fastest, most secure and easiest ways to access your iPhone data. What makes it more impressive is its amazing collection of features.

Why Should You Choose This iPhone Data Tracker?

FreeMobileTracker lets you keep track of more than 29 kinds of data.

You can easily and quickly, determine the GPS position of the targeted device.

The software is fully compatible with various browsers and devices.

Remotely read text messages that are sent to your device.

FreeMobileTracker is a tool that allows you gain access to the data on your phone in the event of its disappearance or theft. The program can also be used to gain access to the data on your phone if you’re not physically able to access it. Follow the steps below to learn how to find lost iPhone data and access it at any time you require.

Steps to Track iPhone Data Even if It Was Stolen

Step 1. Sign up for the FreeMobileTracker Plan

FreeMobileTracker allows you to create an account. You can visit the FreeMobileTracker site and click the”Try it today” button which will open the”Create an Account” window. The application will require certain information that will allow you to set up your account resemble an email address. To create your account, make a password. To set up your account, click “Sign up”.

Step 2. Verify Your iCloud Account

After you’ve registered with FreeMobileTracker successfully, you’ll be asked for information concerning your iOS device you wish to track. Enter the “Name of the device’s owner” as well as the “Age” of the owner of the device. Complete other details as well and click the”Next” button. Verify your iCloud ID on iOS. Click”Verify”.

Note: In order for you to make FreeMobileTracker effectively to analyze the data, make sure that the iOS device whose iCloudID is being checked has enabled iCloud backup.

Step 3. Follow the stolen iPhone’s activities with FreeMobileTracker

After verifying the ID and password of the iCloud is required. Once you’ve verified it, you’ll be taken to the control panel. Within minutes your device and app data will be synchronized properly. FreeMobileTracker will update your account data each time you log into your account. FreeMobileTracker will not update the data if your iOS device is disabled.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Track a Stolen iPhone at: how to install mobile tracker android.


FreeMobileTracker can be used to retrieve your Android phone if it is stolen or lost.


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