How to Download & Install Free Hidden Mobile Tracker App

There is a huge demand for mobile tracker app in the market. Most of the people simply lose their phones. Hidden Mobile Tracker helps them to track their lost phone.

This app is very beneficial in tracking phone location. You can use this app to track the live location of the phone.

If you don’t want to waste any money on all the expensive apps, this one is perfect for you. It is a free tracking app. You can track any phone for free.

On top of that, this app is hidden. You can use this app discreetly. Nobody will know that you are tracking their phone. It keeps all your activities private.

With this tracking app, you can track all the phone activities. You can track the calls, messages, and other phone activities.

Download and Install Hidden Mobile Tracker

Hidden Mobile Tracker
Hidden Mobile Tracker

If you want to use this tracking app to track any phone, downloading is necessary. There are steps you need to follow to use this app.

If you are tracking an android phone, you have to download and install the app. This step is mandatory. If you can’t do it, there is no other option.

For tracking iPhone, there are two options. You can either follow the lengthy android like procedure. But you need to jailbreak the phone for that.

If you want to use the easy method, you can use the alternate option. In this option, you only need cloud credentials to track the phone.

Tracking Android Phone

Tracking Android Phone
Tracking Android Phone

If you are planning to track an android phone, you need to follow various steps in the process.

  • Get the Phone: Before you start with the installation, you need the phone with you. For example, if you want to track your child’s phone, you need to secretly get their phone. This step is risky, but it is important. Without the phone, you cannot do anything.
  • Prepare the Phone: You will need the phone with you for about 5 minutes. After you have the phone in your hand, open it. You need to know the passwords. After unlocking the phone, go to settings and enable sources. You also need to turn off notification for play store and disable play protect.
  • Download: This is the main step. You have to download the app on the phone. Use the phone’s browser and go to the tracking app’s website. After that, you need to click on the download option. The file will start downloading on the phone.
  • Install: There is no automatic installation. You have to open the file and install it on the phone.
  • Sign up: This is the step in which you need to create your account. After installation, open the app and give permission to open it. Now, you have to use the register option. It will help you to create your account after you are done sign in to the app and close it.
  • Delete: In this step, you have to delete all the evidence of the app from the phone. Clear the history and hide the icon.
  • Login: After you are done with all the steps, the final step is to log in to the account.

Tracking iPhone

Tracking iPhone
Tracking iPhone

Tracking an iPhone is a lot easier than tracking any other phone.

  • Sign up: You have to start with creating your account. Go to the web and create your account. Complete the steps.
  • Setup: In this step, you have to connect the iPhone with the app by entering cloud credentials. You don’t need to use the phone.
  • Login: The last step is to log in and track the phone.