Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Three Tips For Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips for Facebook Location Tracking

Top 3 Tips for Facebook Location Tracking
Top 3 Tips for Facebook Location Tracking

In the realm of social networking, Facebook is a well-known name that has shaped an entire new trend. Facebook is home to billions and billions of users across the globe. Facebook allows you to stay connected to your family and friends even if they’re far away. You can chat with your friends and share photos and videos. Location tracking can also be used, but it is not limited to this function.

You can track your family and friends’ exact locations using Facebook’s location tracking. You can also share your personal place of residence with them. This feature of Facebook is a great way to track a person secretly and effectively without their realizing they are being monitored. Whatever reason you have to track someone’s location, it’s feasible with the right tools.

Part 1: How to track a friend’s location via Facebook

Part 2: How To Delete Facebook Location Tracking

Part 3: How to Find Someone’s Location with FreeMobileTracker

Part 1. How to track a friend’s location on Facebook

Part 1. How to track a friend's location on Facebook
Part 1. How to track a friend’s location on Facebook

You can track your friends via Facebook without downloading any apps. If your friends enable location sharing, you can find out where your friends are. Marauders Maps is a reliable method of locating your friend. It’s an Google Chrome extension that can locate the exact location of your Facebook acquaintance through chats as high as 1 meter.

Step 1: Install the Marauder’s Map Google Chrome extension using the Chrome store or the official website.

Step 2: Turn on the developer mode of Google Chrome extensions and the extension is set to monitor your friend’s position.

Step 3: Open the chat history and track the friend that you want. Marauder will create a map to assist you in finding him.

Step 4: Finally you will be displayed the exact location of the messenger who sent the message.

Remember that Marauder’s Map extracts the location info attached to a Facebook chat only when the Facebook location sharing feature is turned on on the target device. If you can’t locate the location of a person through the Facebook chat history if they’ve not turned on location sharing.

Part 2. How to stop Facebook’s location tracking

If you are not the one being monitored the tracking of your locations can be very exciting. It’s a bit scary to discover that you’ve being monitored by someone for many years without even aware of it. Facebook location sharing was designed to let users share their locations with their families and friends. But there are still individuals who seek ways to profit from this feature. Location sharing is often utilized by criminals to check the working hours of employees and then take their hostages for ransom.

Facebook location sharing is like every other app. It comes with pros and cons. You can disable Location Sharing if it isn’t something you want to do if you don’ want your location tracked by a suspicious individual. To disable Location Sharing, you’ll need to turn it off from your phone. If you’re looking to restrict access to location to the Facebook app, follow these steps.

Step 1: Launch the Facebook app using the drawer of your phone’s app. Tap on “More” It appears like three horizontal bars. Scroll down until you reach “Account settings” Click on it.

2. To deactivate the location sharing feature simply tap the “location” option.

It’s not necessary to divulge your address with anyone every time you send a text message.

Part 3. How to track someone’s location by using FreeMobileTracker

While it’s possible to find someone’s exact location using this method, there are certain limitations. It can monitor the location information of someone when they share it through Facebook. Many people do not like sharing their exact place of residence. For parents who want to keep track of their children’s location, monitoring is vital. As a parent who is concerned, you might want to track the location of your child. Children tend to make the mistake of telling lies about their location. Children can tell you where they are, telling you that they were at the home of a family member. But they’ll be somewhere in another place.

FreeMobileTracker lets parents keep track of their children’s movements by using an even more powerful tool. It is a monitoring and spying tool that can monitor the activities of an individual using their mobile. FreeMobileTracker is a tracking tool that can track any smartphone or device running Android or iOS operating systems. FreeMobileTracker can be used to determine the location of an Android user. This feature isn’t accessible to iOS users due to Apple’s strict privacy guidelines.

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: what is the best mobile tracking software.

Why we recommend this tool for tracking the location of someone:

FreeMobileTracker Monitoring application for Android lets you track the exact location of an individual’s live GPS location. Just install the app on your device of choice to track their exact location as well as where they have been.

Alerts through Geofences FreeMobileTracker lets you place an alert for your location on your target. Geofences allow you to set alarms to notify the person in question when they reach the location you’ve set as a geofence.

Read text messages You can see text messages sent or received by the person you want to target, FreeMobileTracker even allows you to do so. The name of the sender or receiver is visible together with the date and time stamp.

FreeMobileTracker keeps track of Facebook messages and chats. You can view messages in relation to conversations and chats.

Steps to Find Someone’s Location By Using FreeMobileTracker

Step 1: Visit the official FreeMobileTracker website and click the “Try it Now” button to create an account. Click on “Sign up” to enter your email address and password.

Step 2: Then take advantage of the FreeMobileTracker configuration wizard to enter details about the target , such as name, age, as well as the OS that it runs.

Step 3. Step 3: Download the FreeMobileTracker Monitoring application via FreeMobileTracker.com Install it onto your Android device. Launch the app and log in using your FreeMobileTracker account. Grant all permissions to the app and press”Start Monitoring”.

Step 4: Sign in using your FreeMobileTracker account on your device and open Locations from the control panel. You can view all location data as well as time stamps for the targeted location.


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