Best Free Hidden Mobile Tracker App

Parents need to be very careful while spying on their kids. Children have become very smart these days. They are aware of all sorts of technology.

Most of the parents make the common mistake of using an ordinary tracking app to track their phones. Kids can easily identify these apps. Once they know about it, they can easily delete the app.

They become extra alert and change all their passwords for extra security. This way, all your efforts will go to waste.

You need to use a hidden tracking app. These tracking apps are very discreet. They consume less space and doesn’t affect the battery. These apps don’t take a long time for installation.

Your kids will never be able to detect these apps. There are many apps in the market. However, you need to be careful while choosing one.

One trusted tracking app is the Hidden Mobile Tracker app. It is the best free tracking app.

Hidden Mobile Tracker

Hidden Mobile Tracker
Hidden Mobile Tracker

It is a phone tracking app which you can use for free. There is no need to make any payment to use this app.

This app is perfect for secret tracking. It is hidden. Your kids will not be able to find this app. It uses discreet programming to hide the app on the phone.

You can use this app to track various activities. Most people just use tracking apps to track location. But you can use it to track each and every activity of the phone.

These apps are meant for parents. Most parents use this tracking app so that they can track their kids. It helps them to know if their kids are behaving properly or if they are doing something illegal.

Employers can also use this tracking app to track their employees. It helps them to monitor them for productivity. It also works as a safety protocol.


Characteristics of Hidden Mobile Tracker App

It is a decent phone tracking app that is rich in qualities. There are many good characteristics of this app.

  • Compatible: This phone tracking app is compatible with various types of smartphones. You can use it to track android phone and iPhone.
  • Free: It is a free phone tracking app. You can use all the features of this app for free. It is budget-friendly and easy to use.
  • User-Friendly: This app is also very easy to use. The controls and functions are easy with a simple user interface. You can use it without any guide.
  • Privacy: This tracking app is very private. They keep all your personal information safe. They will encrypt all the data so that nobody can see it.
  • Tracking Features: You can use many tracking features with this app. It is full of phone tracking features. You will get a feature to track anything on the phone.
  • Customer Service: Apart from enjoying the app the features, you can use the customer service as well. If you face any technical problems, contact customer care.
  • Hidden: This mobile tracking app is hidden. You can use it, and nobody will know. It helps to mask your identity while tracking a phone.

Features of Hidden Mobile Tracker App

Features of Hidden Mobile Tracker App
Features of Hidden Mobile Tracker App

You can use various mobile tracking features with this app.

  • GPS Location Tracker: People mostly use this app to track location. You can use this app to track the live location of the phone for free. You can also track past locations of the phone.
  • Call Tracker: This feature helps you to check all the call logs on the phone. You can check the incoming and outgoing calls. You can also check the missed calls and call duration.
  • Message Tracker: This tracking feature will help you to track all the messages. You can read all the types of messages. You can check the media and message along with the date and time.
  • Photo/ Video Tracker: This tracking feature will help to track all the photos from the phone. You can also track all the videos from the phone as well.
  • WhatsApp Tracker: This feature will help you to track all the WhatsApp activities. You can track call logs, media, and chats.
  • Social Media Tracker: If you want to track the social media apps on the phone, you can use this feature. It will help you in tracking Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram.

How to Track A Phone for FREE

How to Track A Phone for FREE
How to Track A Phone for FREE

Hidden Mobile Tracker is very easy to use. You can use this app to track android phone. On the android phone, you have to download and install this app.

After that, you need to register for an account. It will be your tracking account. You will get all the data in your account.

If you want to track an iPhone, you can use an easy method. In this method, you can directly sign up and use the cloud credentials to establish a connection.

This way, there is no need for installation. You can directly login and start tracking the phone.