Top 10 Stealth And Secret Phone Monitoring Apps For Android And iPhone

Top 10 Stealth And Secret Phone Monitoring Apps For Android And iPhone

The Top 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps of 2019

The Top 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps of 2019
The Top 10 Stealth Phone Monitoring Apps of 2019

Every person’s smartphone is the most valuable resource. It can serve several functions. Sometimes there are doubts on the kids; spouse as well as the employees, and you need to examine the actions of all the three. Apps for monitoring phones permit users to track the phone of the person you are unsure about. There are numerous applications that let you monitor mobile activities of your loved ones and all come with different features. These are the best spying apps you can use whenever you need to.

Top 10 Stealth and hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps

1. FreeMobileTracker

1. FreeMobileTracker
1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is a flexible monitoring app that is compatible with both Android and IOS devices, is used to track all of your mobile activities. All cell activity can be monitored on the targeted device. It is simple to use, and allows remote monitoring of conversations as well as providing details about the location. It can track 29 different kinds of data types for the user.


– Compatible with the major OS

Just a few clicks to track

User-responsive interface

Download FreeMobileTracker App at: freemobiletracker.net.

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy is a dependable phone monitoring app to track SMS and other important iPhone or Android phone activity. You can see all SMS calls, call logs, as well as other important conversations on social media platforms. You can access remotely all your important information and it operates virtually. The icon for the application is hidden , and spying is easier than with other software. This application requires the rooting of the device to monitor specific social media sites. Apple ID is required for iPhone devices. It’s very easy to use and requires just the phone number of the target for snooping.


The application isn’t required to be installed on the device to be used.

– Secretly and remotely track every message and important conversation through social media apps.

Download the app after installing it. Then, you can begin watching your cell’s activity.


There aren’t any proper instructions to the user.

While it’s overall good, some aspects of its best aspects aren’t quite there yet.

3. AppSpy

AppSpy The most used phone monitoring and tracking app in the area, is AppSpy. It allows you to track calls, text messages, phone logs, GPS locations Media files, browsing history. It’s very simple to install and download and does not require jailbreaking. It can be operated in three easy steps like making an account, and activating the AppSpy on the device you want to target. You can then view all cellular activities from the control panel. In this program it is possible for the icon to be hidden and deleted , and it can be hidden to perform monitoring functions.


– Compatible all major operating systems

It is possible to record the whole call history, and also take screen shots.

Rooting or jailbreaking the device is prohibited.

4. Mobile spy agent

It’s an excellent application for both beginners and professionals alike. It allows you to track the activities of your children , as well as any other people who are suspicious around you. It permits you to monitor every incoming and outgoing calls and messages. This app for monitoring your phone has many more hidden options.


The stealth mode is used to keep the app hidden in the targeted device.

Amazing background tracking.


Customer service is average.

There are no online instructions.

5. PhoneSheriff

Like the name implies, PhoneSheriff is the same application for watching the cellular activities of the targeted device. The phone spy application allows users to track the ongoing activities of the target device. The application that is used to spy on phones is a type of parental control application that allows you to block most of the applications and even restrict access to certain apps. You can monitor your children’s movements and notify parents when they are in a certain area. This app is highly regarded for its capability to safeguard children and promote healthy parenting. It is able to guard against spyware which is one of its top features. You can also utilize the built-in camera to boost your security.


Best parenting app that offers real-time tracking of location.

– You can also set time limits.

You can check the history of browsing on the internet for the targeted device.


Installation procedure that is tedious and irritating

You can’t block websites.


MSpy is a smart tracking and monitoring application that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The hidden activities of this application are hidden in the background, so that the target person is not aware. You can see call details, location information texts, WhatsApp messages and more using this application. Spy applications can be quite large, taking up lots of space and draining battery. The application is light and doesn’t use more battery. It increases your safety and security as well as monitoring your activities. It comes with a variety of great features, including spying on SMS, call logs and real-time locations. You can also receive alarms for theft to safeguard your device.


The application works with every browser.

– It will not transmit notifications to the device it is monitoring.

The best choice for newbies.


This application doesn’t assist in recording the calls.

In order to spy on someone, you’ll need to install this software on the monitored device.

7. FlexiSPY

FlexySPY is a fantastic choice for those who need to track the Smartphone activity of a particular individual. FlexySPY is the top professional spyware application on the market. It is able to track the audio and the video activities of any Smartphone. It’s simple to install and use, even for the novice user. You can also find the actual location of the target quickly. Mobile Vier App, which is a part of the software, allows you spy on the phone even when you’re far away. This software also allows you to check the text messages from social media sites like Whatsapp.


You can easily and quickly record calls.

You can also remotely take pictures.

Access is granted to all messages and contact lists.


This app isn’t for freeand comes with a price.

It is impossible to block numbers remotely.

The app does not have swipe mode.

8. MobiStealth

It’s a monitoring and spying software that lets you observe any suspicious situations your spouse, employees or your children may have created. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the application are available. It connects to the GPS locator to allow remote monitoring of the device’s location. It is not necessary to jail breaking or rooting the device. It is compatible with all major operating systems. easily conjugates with the leading operating systems such as Android and iPhone devices. This app lets you track the person you want to monitor in a far distance. It records the call details remotely, then erases all data and saves the necessary documents. You can also track the emails that were sent and received in the device that is monitored.


Very reliable and cost effective.

– Responsive interface for users

There is no need for in jailbreaking or rooting.


Calls are not blocked remotely.

There is no established set of rules.

9. Spyera

It’s one of the most commonly used applications for monitoring the suspicious actions of someone using their mobile. Parents who are worried about their kids can rely on the service provided by this Android phone monitoring application. The app can capture and monitor phone calls, as well as utilize cameras to watch the children. The mobile and the desktop version is also available for the users. You can use it to do activities like recording or live calls. You can check your current location, and be alerted at all times by using the alert feature.


Control panel – This panel provides a special alert function.

The software could also be employed to crack passwords.


– Expensive and hard to pay for.

The customer service isn’t up to par

10. Norton Family Premier

You can set up a variety of filters to watch your smartphone and present all data professionally. The app’s blocking feature and limitation will allow your child and you to focus on important tasks. You can find every detail of the target Smartphone and also the history of web browsing.


You can block contacts from afar.

It’s easy to integrate with desktops and also supports Android and iOS platforms.


The browser does not allow you to determine the time limit.

Do not track call log monitoring.


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