Top 10 Sms Trackers For Free Without Installing On Target Phone

Top 10 Sms Trackers For Free Without Installing On Target Phone

The Top 9 Free SMS Tracker that Doesn’t Require Installing on Target Phone

The Top 9 Free SMS Tracker that Doesn't Require Installing on Target Phone
The Top 9 Free SMS Tracker that Doesn’t Require Installing on Target Phone

With smartphones, it is now easier to talk to people on the internet using their phones, text messaging remains very popular. However, it has also added to the worry of parents to keep an eye on their children since it is very easy to conceal who you’re communicating with someone via text messages. Parents will be concerned over their children’s odd behavior that include constantly testing them , and not taking the time to learn. If you’re a parent, it’s likely that you would like to monitor the text messages sent by your children. However, this may not be feasible. In order to assist you, we’ll give you the most effective free SMS tracker without installing on the target phone in this article.

Part 1. Top 5 SMS Trackers for iPhone without Installing on Target Phone

Part 2. Top 5 SMS Tracker for Free with no installation on Target Phone (for Android)

Part 1. Top 5 SMS Trackers for iPhone which you can use without installing it on your phone of choice

Part 1. Top 5 SMS Trackers for iPhone which you can use without installing it on your phone of choice
Part 1. Top 5 SMS Trackers for iPhone which you can use without installing it on your phone of choice

Many software and apps allow you to track SMS from an incoming iPhone without the need to install any app. The following are the top five SMS trackers that allow you to track SMS without accessing target phones (including iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus).

1. FreeMobileTracker

FreeMobileTracker is a tool that can be used to monitor and control SMS messages that do not have access to the device that is being monitored. To monitor their SMS activity, you don’t need to install any software on the phone of the target. You can track their SMS messages or any other activity on their cell phones by identifying their username and password of the iCloud ID.

Why recommend this iPhone SMS Tracker?

FreeMobileTracker allows you to monitor all messages that are sent and received by your target.

– Without installing any app it is possible to read all SMS sent to the target device.

It is also possible to check the browser history and phone call history on your target device.

– You can track someone from a distance.


Supports iOS 11 or other versions.

2. TheTruthSpy

TheTruthSpy Another SMS tracker which doesn’t require you to install on the phone you want to track It can be used to track SMS received by someone’s iOS devices. It functions in both ways i.e. It can be used in both ways: it works without installing any applications on the phone you want to use, and also by installing it. You will need to root your iPhone to make it work.

TheTruthSpy’s Main Features:

Monitor calls, SMS and contact numbers from the device that you are trying to track.

You can view messages in text as well as IM messages received or sent from the target device.

It is also possible.

This is all that is required is the iCloud ID password and target device.


– Less features in non-installation version.

Compatible OS:

iOS 7 through iOS 11.

3. PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector is a reliable free SMS tracker that does not require installation on the phone to be tracked. To recover the Apple ID or password of your desired phone, you can remotely retrieve the text messages and phone calls without needing to jailbreak or install an application.

PhoneSpector’s Key Features:

It doesn’t require jailbreaking, or even access to the target device.

It will allow you to view all messages as well as calls made by your intended.

You can also monitor the GPS location of your device.


The Android version requires installing the app on the device to be used.


– Compatible with all versions of iOS 7 up to iOS 11.

4. iKeyMonitor

IKeyMonitor is a different free SMS tracker without installing on the target device that allows parents to monitor their kid’s smartphone activities, including the texts or phone calls, along with other cell activity and phone data.

Key Features of iKeyMonitor

It can be used even if your device is not running the app installed.

– Track sent/received messages on the target device.

You can also find the contact who sent the messages.

You can also check your internet browser’s call history and browser.


You are not able to block apps or games.

Compatible OS:

iOS 9.0 up to iOS 11.

5. SaferKid text monitoring app

SaferKid is an parental control app that allows parents to monitor the actions of their children on their iOS devices. It’s a no-cost SMS tracker that doesn’t have to be installed on the target phone. This lets parents and guardians ensure their children’s safety from outsiders.

SaferKid application for monitoring text messages Features

– You can block inappropriate content on your child’s iPhone.

– Track text messages, phone calls.

– Parents should also manage their children’s time on screens.


There is no GPS tracking feature.


iOS 9.0 and up.

Part 2. Top 4 Best SMS Tracker apps for Android without installing on the Target Phone

Without installing the app on the device of choice, there is no SMS tracking software for Android. However, you are able to keep track of the messages that are sent to an Android device using the free SMS tracker.

1. AppSpy

AppSpy is a simple and simple to use SMS tracker. You can utilize to record texts as well as the phone number of the target person.

AppSpy’s Top Features:

Track messages sent and received text messages on the device.

– Deleted messages can also be checked.

The tracking of phone calls provides information on the duration of the call, the name of the contact, their location and the phone number.


– Not available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Compatible OS:

– Android 2.3 and above.

2. SMS Tracker by Gizmoquip

Gizmoquip SMS Tracker is one of the most effective Android SMS tracker apps, even though it doesn’t come with a free installation. This app is installed on the phone of the target to keep track of all received and sent SMS or MMS messages, as well as web history.

Key Features of SMS Tracker by Gizmoquip:

– Sent and received messages are available for review.

Attachments in messages are also viewable.

Monitoring SMS remotely with a web interface.

Track GPS position of the target.


The free version is valid for 7 days.


– Android 2.3 – 8.1.

3. SMS and call tracker

SMS and call tracker allows parents to track texts and calls of their children. The application can be installed on the device of choice to keep track of calls and SMS received/sent by the kids.

Important Features of SMS and call tracker:

It will keep the track of both call and SMS records.

The location of the device when an SMS or call was made is also checked.

— SMS records can be searched by filtering


– It doesn’t allow remote monitoring.

To view the text messages for verification, you’ll need to have access to your phone.


– Android 2.3 and above.

4. SMS Call Tracker – SafeMinor

SafeMinor SafetyMinor SMS Call Tracker is a tracking tool for parents that allows them to keep track of their child’s text messages and other activities that occur on their phones.

The Essential Features of SafeMinor’s SMS Call Tracker

View all messages in text that were either received or sent by the recipient.

Call logs may also be reviewed, including inbound as well as missed calls. details.

– You can also locate the GPS coordinates of the target.


– Experiences occasional crashes.


Android 2.3 and up to the latest version 8.1

5. FreeMobileTracker for Android SMS Tracker App

FreeMobileTracker is a tool that can monitor SMS messages both on Android as well as iPhone. FreeMobileTracker Android actually has more features to monitor targets device activities than iOS devices.

Why do you want to monitor someone’s SMS?

It is possible to track messages sent via SMS or instant messages to the target.

All keystrokes can be tracked for the targeted.

– Monitor phone calls and contacts.

– View the history of web browsers and complete URLs


Android 4.0 to 8.1

Download FreeMobileTracker for tracking SMS at: FreeMobileTracker.


SMS tracking is becoming increasingly important, especially parents and married couples. Parents want to track their children’s SMS as they are cautious of their children’s interactions with strangers or unscrupulous people. To ensure they’re not being scammed married couples must monitor their partner’s SMS. To track texts of someone you love, use a free SMS tracker. We hope you find the best application to track text messages, without having to install it on the phone in question.


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