How To Hack Android Phones Using An Android Phone

How To Hack Android Phones Using An Android Phone

3 Methods to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

3 Methods to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone
3 Methods to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

Humans are capable of generating almost any type of ingenuous idea around the globe. Hacking is one among the most significant inventions created by humans. Hacking allows you to check any computer or mobile phone’s technical as well as non-technical files. Hackers have a much higher level of thinking than computer specialists and can tackle almost any technical issue. Hackers can also take over a social account by employing hacking techniques such as Facebook or snap chat. twitter, Instagram etc.. This article is ideal for anyone who’s ever thought about hacking into someone’s Android phone. Learn how to hack Android phones by using an Android phone.

Part 1. The Best Method of Hacking Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

– Part 2. Hack Android Phones using Other Android Phones Using TeamViewer

Part 3. How to hack an Android Phone Using Another Android Phone Using PhoneSpying App

Part 1. The best way to hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

Part 1. The best way to hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone
Part 1. The best way to hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone

FreeMobileTracker can be used to track your friends, employees, and children who chat daily. FreeMobileTracker allows you to track the activities of employees as well as kids using Android phones. There is no jailbreaking required.

This hacking tool allows you to look at the messages that were sent and received through various social networks. It is possible to view any audio, video or pictures messages. FreeMobileTracker App will monitor your child’s activities online.

This tool is the best tool to hack Android phones

FreeMobileTracker lets you monitor the location of individuals you are targeting using GPS.

Track texts as well as calls with their time duration, date and contact name.

You can review your web history of browsing to see how often you have were on specific sites.

– The target user won’t be aware that someone has stolen the phone of theirs or even where it is.

Follow these steps to hack an Android phone by using another Android phone

Step 1. Step 1.

Go to FreeMobileTracker official website and sign up your account on the Signup page. Enter your valid email ID and password into the boxes that are provided. You will receive a confirmation email and a link to the application. Once you’ve entered all information, click the sign-up button.

Step 2. Step 2.

After you have created an account After registering, you need to download the application on the desired Android phone and in order to do that, you’ll need to go to the my.FreeMobileTracker.com page on the device’s web browser, and then click”Download” button. Once the installation wizard is complete, you will be able access the app using your login credentials. Once you’ve done that, click the “Grant and Permit” button to approve the request. FreeMobileTracker will begin to monitor the Android phone that you choose after you click activate the device administrator. (Read the detailed steps to set up Android >>

Step 3. Start Hacking Android Phone

At the end the FreeMobileTracker icon for the app will hide from the target user’s Android mobile after you click on”start monitoring”. Log in to FreeMobileTracker via any web browser to hack Android phones.

The most appealing feature of the FreeMobileTracker app is that you can use it to hack Android mobiles as well as iOS devices. These steps can be helpful in your search for what you can do to hack Android phones using an iPhone or Android phone.

Download FreeMobileTracker to Hack Android Phone Using Another Android Phone at: how to hack cell phone text messages.

Part 2. How to hack Android phone by using an alternative Android phone using TeamViewer

1. Team Viewer is a quick support tool for Android and your preferred Android device by downloading it from the Play Store.

1. Get Team Viewer Quick support for Android as well as your ideal Android device by downloading it from the Play Store.

3. When the Team Viewer is installed on both Android phones, you will need to type in the ID and password for the target user’s Android phone that can be found on his/her Team Viewer.

4. Once you’ve entered the user’s ID and password on the team viewer, you will get access of his/her Android phone. Click on the “Connect to partner” button. Remote control lets you access all functions of the victim’s Android phone. Also, you can watch and play videos as well as images in the victim’s Android phone.

By following these steps, you’ll understand how to hack an Android phone using an alternative Android phone. Your Android will display the changed data , as well as any modifications made to the data your target phone’s Android.

Part 3. How to Hack Android Phones using other Android Phones using the PhoneSpying Application

1. Go to security, settings and click on Unknown Sources. This will allow you to download apps that aren’t available to directly download from the store. Visit Android.PhoneSpying.com from target user’s device and download the PhoneSpying app.

2. Sign-up by creating an account at PhoneSpying. After choosing “remember option forever” then you’ll be presented with an option. Click on the “Allow button” and then on the button to activate.

3. Once you’ve completed all the steps, log into your account using your login credentials to begin hacking the Android phone of the intended user.


These are all the best methods for hacking Android phones using an Android phone. I hope you find this article useful. Through these methods you can look over all the data including images, videos, and other information of the targeted Android phone. Enjoy and have fun!


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